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Journeys of the Mind and the Megabus


Journeys of the Mind and the Megabus

The Golf Tavern

30-31 Wright’s Houses (Next to Bruntsfield Links)
Upstairs: AUG 1-25 at 13:00 (60 min) - Free

Journeys of the Mind and the Megabus

Luke Chilton (Up the Creek Blackout winner) and Joe Bates (BBC Radio 4extra, 6music) are two comedians that have been on journeys. Luke’s was a journey of the mind, when side-effects from anti-malaria tablets led to a psychotic episode deep in the Thai jungle. Joe’s was a journey of the coach on the M1 southbound, to pursue his dream of having enough money to upgrade to a better coach, and, eventually, the train. Their journeys have led them to Edinburgh, and they’ll be bringing their very different styles and stories to this brilliant 2 part show.

Larium Diaries is a single 25-30 minute anecdote in which Luke Chilton recounts the time in 2009 when he developed a severe (yet hilarious) psychosis following an intense reaction to antimalaria pills…which he inadvertently exacerbated by eating a rather large amount of psychoactive substances on a pizza. Thought gap years were just over privileged kids finding themselves at beach raves? Think again! This is what happens when Hunter S. Thompson’s ghost possesses the body of a teen gallivanting around Thailand! From shady underground Thai Boxing matches in the jungle, to fleeing from politicians infected with mind controlling strains of herpes, Luke Chilton recounts the flimsy reality of his misadventures with light-hearted charm and an endearing innocence. He even has the decency to shovel in plenty of jokes! Come one and all, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Joe Bates had many ambitions. He wanted to leave his job to make it in comedy, and have the option of going back into his job if it took too long to make it in comedy. He wanted to live in a house with 12 other people by the age of 33. He wanted to ride on the Megabus Gold, the luxury Megabus sleeper service. He's achieved all those ambitions (apart from the Megabus Gold, but it got discontinued so that wasn't his fault). Now he's only got one ambition left - to make people thaugh (think and laugh). Will he succeed? Come find out!