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56 North

Laughing Horse Free Festival Venue

56 North

Fringe Venue 184 - Click here for map
2 W Crosscauseway, Edinburgh, EH8 9JP. Phone: 0131 662 8860
Food  Wifi  Licensed
Open from 11:00 to 01:00
18+ Only

56 North holds a cosy space in the basement of the venue, which is a popular bar specialising in Gin, with a full range of drinks and food. During the Fringe there is also an outdoor bar area, which is a great place for audience to hang out, and the venue is seconds from The Pear Tree, Counting House venues, Fringe Central and all of the Bristo Square venues.

56 North is open daily from lunchtime until 1am, and contains am inside bar and restaurant, outdoor courtyard area, and the basement performance space. It's very close to a number of other prime venues in the area including the Pear Tree, Counting House, Sofi's, Fringe Central and all of the venues around Bristo Square. 

The venue has one performance space, the Cellar.

Performance Space: The Cellar

- Stage: 1.5m Wide & 1 m deep raised to 3 inches. No wing space or back stage.

- Capacity: Capacity 35 seated, with room for 5 people standing at the back.

- Lighting: 1xLED Par Can to flood light the stage. 

- Sound: 4 Channel Mixer, Cables for MP3 Player, 2 Mics, Cables and Mic stands. Performers own sound equipment can be added easily.

- AV: There is no AV available in this room.

- Storage: There is a very small area that is shared, and not secure.

- Bar: There is no bar in the room.

- Accessibility: The room is located downstairs, so is not wheelchair accessible.

- Notes: The venues cellar access is through the room, shows will be timed to have no or very minimal access required through the room, unless in emergency. A member of venue staff will be located in the room to aid the audience movement and also to be in the cellar (separate room) and in contact with venue staff should they need anything.

56 North Images:


First image is the room, in a non-rigged state. Will be theatre style chairs, stage will be where the drinks trolley/middle sink currently is.