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Venue:The City Café, 19 Blair Street Edinburgh EH1 1QR
Phone: 0131 220 0125
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Hollywood
AUG 3-14, 16-18, 20-26 at 10:20 (60 min)
Show Image

Have you ever kicked a potato into the sea? Lee Kyle has. It's great but it's not the answer to your problems or anything. Unless your problem is that your sea doesn't have enough potatoes in, which it almost certainly isn't.

"top up-and-coming comedy performer", - BBC

“A brilliant performance, pure genius!” – NARC Magazine

“Quirky and original - the highlight of the night” - Giggle Beats

“Very funny” - Manchester Evening News

“Had everyone on their feet - Sublimely ridiculous.” - Northern Echo

“A splittingly funny insight” – Vegas Seven

“Whip smart jokes” – One4review

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 20, 2018  Fest
Genial and warmhearted comedy with a darker undercurrent.

One day, Lee Kyle found himself kicking potatoes into the sea, and he's got the video evidence to prove it. The route that led him to believing this was a productive and typical way to spend an afternoon is outlined in an hour propelled via his genial and warmhearted persona.

Multiple sequences evidence an ability to comically work through novel ideas, even if sometimes these are stretched beyond their limits. A reworking of the alphabet is initially funny, then outstays its welcome, then reasserts its comic value through a well-structured payoff. Another section about repeated sounds in words could do with some trimming too, even though it is testament to a creative comic mind. Indeed, there's considerably more technical cleverness going on here than might be apparent at first, as callbacks and recurring themes bubble to the surface in unexpected ways.

But there's an odd incongruity between these self-contained comic ideas, and the darker themes that pepper the show. Kyle recounts his mental health issues, and how these both inform, and construct barriers to, his comedy. Given his evident skill in weaving together multiple narrative strands, it's a shame the interplay between the serious and the comic isn't more fluid. The ending successfully draws all the thematic threads together in a manner that reveals considerable technical skill, and it's good to experience a show that offers a meaningful denouement. If only the journey there had been smoother. Click Here

August 10, 2018  North East Theatre Guide
It may have been 10:15 on a Sunday morning but the room was full to bursting as Lee Kyle appeared to start the show. Not just seats filled, we had the floor full too. Fortunately this Karaoke room came with air conditioning unlike some of the venues we would visit later.
Kyle is an immediately likeable chap who quickly has the rapport and trust of the audience. Writing this review after we have returned from Edinburgh, we appreciated just how good he is at quickly winning an audience around. Our later shows would include some acts who just didn't know how to handle an audience. Unlike a local North East gig, this wasn’t a room full of friends, this was a crowd that needed impressing and sure enough Lee did this.

This is the best show we have seen Lee do to date. It is quite a personal show. Lee discusses his time in wrestling, his upbringing, his family and coping with autism within his close family circle. His genuine open style doesn't offend and you could feel the warmth in the audience’s reaction. But Lee doesn’t go for quick sympathy votes nor does he forget to be funny. Despite the intensity of the material often being covered, he makes the room laugh with almost everything he says, and that takes skill.

We like Lee Kyle a lot and he is well worth getting early to see (in our case, leaving Gateshead at 6am!) Click Here

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