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Venue:The Newsroom, 5 - 11 Leith Street Edinburgh EH1 3AT
Phone: 0131 557 5830
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Downstairs Bar
AUG 3-27 at 15:45 (60 min)
Show Image

1934. Devon. Six old friends. Exposition. A small get-together at the household of Lord and Lady Titan, Drenchblood Heights. Reason: A Murder Mystery Party. It promises to be the night of their lives. By which we mean: the night of their, er, deaths.

But with long-held grudges, egos on a knife-edge and somewhat dubious motives, the mystery becomes not the murder mystery, but the murder. Mystery. The six are being picked off one by one, and time is running out. (We have an hour.)

Barely unscathed by their award-winning run of the show "LoveHard: The House on the Hill" across Brighton, London, Birmingham and Edinburgh, the duo LoveHard are very excited to be returning to Edinburgh with this brand new show.

Featuring a live score by Nick Charlesworth.

‘Best Show’ finalists – Comedians' Choice Awards, Edinburgh 2016

‘Free Theatre Award 2016’ winners – GW&SM, Brighton Fringe

FINALISTS Leicester Square Theatre Sketch-Off 2017

FINALISTS Buxton Fringe Comedy Award 2017

"Comic geniuses" ★★★★ - What's On, 2017

“One of the most entertaining shows I have ever seen... impossible not to enjoy." ★★★★ – Broadway Baby, 2016

★★★★ - Fringe Biscuit, 2016

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 27, 2017  Voice
The duo LoveHard impress audiences with their sharp writing and impressive array of characters.
LoveHard show the audience their acting and writing abilities with this exciting murder mystery. Both create a range of convincing and unique characters, with enough repetition of character names to keep audiences in the loop. Less attentive audience members are likely to still be able to keep up with characters, but perhaps not all the subplots. The main plot is well written and executed; it will impress the murder mystery fanatics and entertain the average punters alike - even if they end up a little confused.
The opening offers a meta-theatrical commentary of the murder mystery genre, through the guise of a discussion of a murder mystery party. The set up of having a murder mystery game within a murder mystery plan is intriguing and well executed. The duo naturally weave in exposition in the first act, giving characters sufficient amounts of backstories to maintain audience interest.
With no specific main character for the audience to sympathise with, LoveHard rely on intrigue and comedy to keep their audiences invested. These are flawlessly delivered. Comedy takes the forefront for most of the play, and with the flawless delivery of the duo every comic moment delighted the audience. The plot is easy to follow, however, the subplots may go over the head of the inattentive audience member. The twists are well foreshadowed and justified.
I would excitedly recommend watching this show to anyone in Edinburgh. The play works both as well written, genre-conforming and parodic murder mystery and as a comic adventure. I would encourage no punter to be deterred by the concept of a two person play or the concept of a murder mystery; the show is an unforgettable Fringe experience. Click Here

August 16, 2017  Fringe Biscuit
We don't play favs but if we did @LoveHardComedy would be hard to beat. Tear-jerkingly funny murder mystery.5/5 Click Here

August 16, 2017  Broadway Baby
LoveHard return to the Fringe after their award-winning 2016 show House On The Hill with a new comic offering that is literally the best of both the theatre and comedy worlds. A show unparalleled in comedy writing and delivery, the question only remains – what can’t they do?

Every now and again you will dig up one of these hidden gems, the sort of show that makes you excited about the Fringe again. With so many big names playing big venues getting big cheers it feels like the “Fringey” fare, or at least anything that is worth watching, is harder and harder to find. But in a little room past Waverley station you will find such a gem. Word has spread about LoveHard who have packed their room out to the gills, with punters squatting down on every surface available; from the bar tops to the floor and crammed into every corner.

Written and performed by comedy-duo Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding, Murdered By Murder tells the tale of a party of eccentric characters who find themselves at Lord Titan’s manor one Christmas Eve for a game of murder mystery, when suddenly the game becomes reality and one of their number is found dead in the (fourth) kitchen. I shan’t give away any more plot points, as it would ruin the fun.

All-in-all I counted ten characters deftly executed by the duo who multirole with such fluidity it honestly sometimes feels like you are watching a TV show. Their characterisation is masterful. They themselves take a crack early on at the liberal servings of stereotypes bandied about but it is played perfectly, creating such despicable characters you just can’t tear your eyes away from the action. Not to mention that the two comics move so swiftly between the parts with a subtle, verbal “whoosh” that blink and you will certainly miss it.
Not a word is wasted in this piece, it seems every line was written and rewritten to get the maximum dosage of humour possible. They pull apart and mock every convention of the genre and scarcely miss a chance for some word play, or a twist and turn or a piece of physical comedy.

Lovick and Harding don’t seem to take themselves, or their show, too seriously. As with House On The Hill they routinely break character to comment on the confinements of working in a space set up to drink, not perform a play. They take stabs at each other and critique each other’s improvised jokes mid-show. Lovick’s continued exasperations at one of Harding’s running gags achieved particular roars of laughter from the audience. Often these sorts of breaks and corpses can seem self-indulgent, but with LoveHard it’s all part of the treat that is their show.
As part of the Free Fringe Festival you’ll pay whatever you think it is worth; with this in mind you would be mad not to catch it. A pastiche of a pastiche, I’m not sure you’ll find anything quite like it. Click Here

July 23, 2017 Buxton Fringe
Finalists Buxton Fringe Comedy Award 2017


PUNEL SHOW (Darren Walsh & Mark Simmons) Click Here

June 15, 2017 Love Midlands Theatre
Murdered by Murder - LoveHard
As something of a Dickens obsessive, I have struggled to ever find anything on stage which comes close to his timeless characterisation and superb naming of the wealth of personalities who appear in his works. The eccentricity and perfect parodying of some of the characters in his novels have never really been replicated with any degree of success for me.

Until Saturday night.

Performing for just one night at The Old Joint Stock in Birmingham was LoveHard, a comedy duo who write and perform their own work.

Tyler Harding and Jacob Lovick's latest tour de force, Murdered By Murder, is set in the home of Lord and Lady Titan in 1930's Devon, ominously named Drenchblood Heights. The production is about 5 guests who turn up to attend a murder mystery evening at the aforementioned creepily named residence, who number Mayor Turnbridge, the local Vicar and Reverend Bellsniff and his rather strange wife, and an extremely annoying, rather dim and pretentious couple called Fortescue Butch Cassidy and Arabella Aribata.

They are all ably attended by a butler appropriately named Shivers and later on we are introduced to the detective who has to come to the residence when the murder mystery evening turns sour, Alistair Bye, nicknamed Ali Bye.

As a backdrop to the murder mystery, there is some consternation among the guests about a jewel thief who is on the prowl in the vicinity.

There is some well performed and appropriately arranged keyboard music in the background at the right moments, which adds to the quality of the production, provided by Nick Charleworth.

The two writers/performers portray all the parts between them. It is an absolute masterclass in characterisation; they move between all the characters which they are playing with ease and professionalism, leaving the audience alternately rolling with mirth and in genuine suspense awaiting the next twist in the tale. There are some beautifully choreographed moments (such as the comedic flash backs which help the audience remember the different elements of the story) and some quite hilarious ad lib-ing and improvisation, which includes them both reminding each other where the fictitious door is on the stage.

What is also astounding is the depth of characterisation which is achieved by the superb writing. As the performance unfolds, we learn of all the different foibles affecting the guests, and all the secrets which they are hiding. With shades of 'Abigail's Party' ringing in our ears, we watch as all the lives of the people unfold before us with excellent comic timing and pace, and there are no 'loose strings' at all by the end.

I must confess to never having seen anything quite as unique as this. The energy which they both inject into the performance is astounding, and it truly seems like there more actors on the stage than just the two of them.

It is not surprising that they won awards at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe runs in 2016.

It was said of Dicken's masterpiece 'The Pickwick Papers' that there was a 'sense of the Gods gone wandering in England'. 'Murdered By Murder' is right up there and wandering alongside those same Gods; I'm sure Dickens himself would have been full of praise for this production. Click Here

June 12, 2017  What's On
LoveHard: Murdered by Murder REVIEW
Murdered By Murder, the award-winning show from talented Birmingham comedy duo Lovehard, left the crowd at The Old Joint Stock Theatre in stitches.

Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding proved themselves to be comic geniuses as they simultaneously portrayed nine totally different characters between them in a spectacularly-written whodunit-style show.

When six guests arrive at Drenchblood Heights, the household of Lord and Lady Titan, for a murder mystery party, little do they know they are in for a night of real mystery with multiple shocking (and hilarious) twists and turns.

With no set or costume changes other than a detective’s hat, the two actors cleverly portrayed each character with a simple change of voice and gait as they seamlessly went from one interesting character to the next with nothing but a 'whoosh' sound.

At times when most of the characters were all around one dining table, they successfully managed to make it hilarious, rather than confusing.

The laughs from the audience didn’t stop during the cleverly-written performance. The fourth wall was broken a couple of times, including when they occasionally made each other laugh, adding to the hilarity of the show.

Lovehard will be performing at Edinburgh Fringe festival again this year, and with the success of this show, the comedy duo are definitely ones to watch.


Review by Lauren Cox Click Here

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