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Venue:Espionage, 4 India Buildings (Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate) Edinburgh EH1 2EX
Phone: 0131 4777 007
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Kasbar
AUG 4-15, 17-28 at 22:30 (60 min)
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Comics losing their heads and performing with no bodies. This brand new show brings a mixed-bill of the best comics from the Fringe who perform in the U.K. and international comedy circuits...all delivering comedy from their floating heads. New line-up of heads everyday, and every day, we'll have no bodies.

Hosted by Suzanne Lea Shepherd

Suzanne is a New York based comic having performed all over U.S., Asia and the U.K. She's appeared various times on Comedy Central Asia and was a Featured Comic for the channel in 2015.

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 19, 2016  Broadway Baby
Review for Head Sets
Rondo comedy show Head Sets features a rotating line up daily, so you cannot be certain of what to expect. All performers stick their heads through a cut-out hole in a black plastic wall to give off the impression of levitation, as well as rely upon only their noggin for comedy.

The half Irish, half Colombian uses the audience in his short slot, and was by far the highlight of the evening
The viewing I saw featured New York MC Suzanne Lea Shepherd to present, who, despite her enthusiasm, wasn’t great at crowd control. For instance, Shepherd pointedly called out the rude couple on their mobile in the front row, but her weak finger-wagging response was more akin to lecturing an unruly school child than an obnoxious asshole who couldn’t respect performers. And it is this tameness which carried through much of her humour where the jokes are too kind to have any major impact. Still, she was cheery and passionate for the lukewarm audience.

Will Mars was the first to poke his head through the hole, and began the night with sardonic, self-deprecating quips about his physical appearance ranging from his weight to going bald. A great warm up, though at times it felt more like group therapy confessions. For his own well-being, I too hope there lurks a Vin Diesel under there.

Up straight after was Paul F Taylor whose bizarrely amusing antics shows influence from the comedy stylings of Flight of Concords. By far one of the most endearing acts, and the one performer who made the best use of the fact that his head was levitating on stage, Taylor was a great midway point between Mars and Matt Gifford. When the latter stepped on after Taylor, the loud and eccentric comic, Gifford, wasted no time on introductions to make the best use of his set time with jokes about cocaine and potatoes. The half Irish, half Colombian uses the audience in his short slot, and was by far the highlight of the evening.
The giant 6’7” Luke Benson followed on after with numerous jokes relating to his imposing stature. Lastly, the token Scot Steve Carling took to the stage with quips about Scottish culture and American politics. He slowed down the momentum of his predecessors but was nonetheless funny, ending the night on a gradual come down. Click Here

August 13, 2016  Edinburgh Fringe Review
Review for Head Sets
Sometimes painfully awkward, sometimes side-splittingly funny, the beauty and equally major flaw of ‘Head Sets’ is that you get a different set of comedians every night. The premise is simple: comedians perform stand-up behind a hung cloth with a gaping hole in which they insert their head. Yes, many a ‘this is not the first time my head has been in a hole’ jokes ensued that are vastly overdone and extremely unimpressive. This teamed with a sensationally poor spiel from the resident MC, Suzanne Lea Shepherd, who has hopefully learnt from the evening that accusing an audience member of ‘liking to groom children’ based on his Catholicism is simply not funny.
Nevertheless, there were some absolutely golden moments in this production. The flamboyant, no-holds-barred sensation that was Stephen Bailey instantly redeemed where Shepherd spectacularly failed. His sharp and quick-witted set makes Bailey a memorable talent certainly worth keeping your eye out for. Similarly, Joey Page, a whacky and refreshing comic, who can only be described as the love-child of Noel Fielding and Joe Wilkinson, stormed the stage, fantastically taking on the hole challenge in the most inventive response to this set-up. Finally, Bethany Black entered the frame: a wonderfully self-depreciating, honest and downright funny comedian covering topics from drug-abuse to lesbian relationships in an incredibly stimulating set.
Where these comics flourished, some floundered, clearly unprepared and desperately searching for a gag that wouldn’t nose-dive, crash and burn. In these cringe-worthy attempts, an anxious grasp at comedic straws in the form of us reviewers occurred: a bold move that did not pay off. It seemed surprising that such a simple idea could have such a drastic effect upon the performance of regular comedians and provide such a range of successes and atrocities in comedy. The exciting prospect of ‘Head Sets’ is having this vast array of comics back-to-back, but this structure also separates the men from boys, the smart from the desperate and the funny from the overwhelmingly unfunny.
An incredibly unique and clever concept that can genuinely be a hilarious and intriguing platform in which to discover new comedians on the scene, especially as part of the Free Fringe. However, as audience members, be prepared for awkwardness but the potential to discover some hidden gems of talent, and for comedians, simply be prepared. Click Here

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