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Venue:Espionage, 4 India Buildings (Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate) Edinburgh EH1 2EX
Phone: 0131 4777 007
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Bunker
AUG 3-13, 15-26 at 19:30 (60 min)
Show Image

One dimwit comedian's every dumb decision. Presented in list form. 50 great mistakes guaranteed.

This show in its entirety will be a numerical list; a catalogue of errors. Dovetailing in and out of entries ranging from clumsiness to poor judgement to drunken misadventure; some of it’s quite dark, but don’t worry.

It will be honest. There will be levity. And pathos. There will be a top 10. There will be no regrets.

A new stand-up show by Melbourne-born, London-based comedian, Sarah Bennetto. As heard on BBC Radio 4's Four Thought, the BBC Radio 4 Extra Comedy Club, Sarah Bennetto's Mix-Tape on NTS, Storytellers' Club, and Glastonbury backstage radio.

★★★★½ The Advertiser newspaper, Adelaide
“Self-depreciating, dark, honest and genuinely funny. One of the most enjoyable and original shows I’ve seen this year. It had me laughing out loud more times than I could count. A solid hours of laughs, it culminates in a truly epic finale.”
★★★★ Fest magazine, Edinburgh
“A sophisticated mix of standup and character comedy, Bennetto succeeds in harnessing the full power of an instinctive comedic mind.”
★★★★ Rip It Up magazine, Adelaide
“Sarah Bennetto brings a fantastically original concept to the Producers’ Warehouse. She is bright, funny and fast on her feet, with a wonderful collection of silly characters. This show is a vivid package of silly, clever and sometimes self-deprecating humour that stands out amongst the mass.”
★★★★ The Age, Melbourne
"Bennetto delivers effervescent, confident and well-structured stand-up. Her tales of outrageous fortune are suffused with urbanity and wisdom, and buoyed by a lightly rendered sense of nostalgia"
★★★★ ThreeWeeks, UK
"Superb. Devastating. Edges towards perfection.”

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 18, 2017  One4Review
Sarah Bennetto is lovely, and delivers a lovely show. It contains the stories of fifty mistakes she has made in her life, dealing with twenty-seven of them in a one-er with much glee, delight, and wonderfully evocative imagery. I’m sorry to have missed her arrival at Edinburgh Waverley pre-Fringe.

While the mistakes are numbered, and listed on a clipboard, they aren’t recounted in strict numerical order. There isn’t necessarily any link between the mistakes, and the nature of the mistake and the accompanying story varies, so the pace and level of frivolity also keeps changing, keeping the show dynamic and interesting. Frivolity is utter silenced by the last mistake however, and it was totally unexpected and unheralded – and all the more powerful for being so.

You know you’re on to something good when the ad-libbing makes the tech laugh. Sarah is an excellent performer, frank and genuine, telling relatable stories which are fun and funny. Ms Bennetto, despite the bunker and the venue challenges, is something good. Click Here

August 16, 2017  The Wee Review (previously TV Bomb)
A cheerful paper donkey piñata sits on stage at the start of Sarah Bennetto’s All My Life’s Mistakes, Catalogued (Volume One). It’s hardly much of a spoiler for us to reveal that, by the end of the show, Bennetto and her audience have conclusively smashed that ass. Given how much work was involved in getting her fleet of donkey punchbags to Edinburgh in the first place, Bennetto could forgiven if she refused to allow them to be breathed on heavily, let alone destroyed (the saga of #27donkeypiñatas made quite a splash on social media at the start of the Fringe).
Bennetto’s show is structured around a list of the biggest mistakes of her life. The piñatas, unsurprisingly, are on the list, and Bennetto gets good mileage from recounting the saga for the first few minutes of the show. The concept is clever, and Bennetto uses it well, picking items from her list apparently at random. Some of the items on the list seem a bit purposeless, and the stories surrounding them don’t always reach a satisfactory conclusion, but her enthusiasm and natural charm never let up.
Her room at Espionage, even by the eclectic standards of Fringe venues, is just plain awful – dark, echoey, and near hot enough to boil an egg. That’s hardly Bennetto’s fault, though, and she copes admirably.
Bennetto is unflinchingly honest, almost as if she’s incapable of being otherwise. She’s poured her heart into this story, and it shows. In the hands of a lesser comedian, her conclusion and finale would feel cynical and manipulative. Coming from Bennetto, though, it’s heart-wrenching and heartfelt in equal measure. Click Here

August 13, 2017  Chortle
Cordial Australian comic Sarah Bennetto confesses that she hasn’t traditionally felt comfortable revealing much about herself on stage, tending to favour shows that put stories over emotions.

But in the last year she’s been through something pretty grim, and felt that she needed to lay out those experiences in her work. And while that story has impact and resonance there’s still some feeling of distance in the way it emerges from nowhere in this show. Getting over the huge emotional hump needed to open up is hugely laudable, though perhaps there’s still an understandable wariness about going all-in on stage, and a difficulty in finding the funny therein.

Leading up to this big reveal, All My Mistakes Catalogued (Vol 1) is, as you’d expect, a list of 50 bad choices small and large, The larger ones tend to be glossed over in favour of the smaller faux pas in a trick of misdirection, though the balance isn’t quite right.

Carrying 27 piñatas up to Edinburgh earlier this month is counted as 27 of the mistakes, for example, and even though she injects the anecdote will all the storytelling tricks she can muster, it can't transcend the fact it’s only a yarn about travelling with bulky luggage. Even if it does name-drop Ed Byrne. Yet other of the incidents caused by her innate clumsiness are amusing as they must have embarrassing.

Throughout the show there’s a generous serving of sterling gags and some astutely witty observations – the ‘but’ is that the quality’s not consistent. Bennetto’s chatty, and he likeability shines through: we root for her through tales of relationship woe and dating misadventures and share her happiness at becoming a doting aunt.

Bennetto has possibly made a handful of her more minor mistakes in putting together this show, but it marks a small but significant change of course for a comedian who’s been around for yonks.

She’s just finding her feet in this new direction, and probably could have done with a little more assistance in focussing and structuring her first show to properly display such frankness – but, make no mistake, there are plenty of laughs along the way. Click Here

August 10, 2017 Squirrel Comedy
This show is exactly what it says on the tin – Sarah Bennetto presents us with a list of mistakes that she has made, telling the story behind each or making a short joke. While they seem to be ranked according to the importance she gives them, the order in which they are revealed works up to the core message of the show.

I could be pedantic and say that not all on the list are “mistakes” (we have regrets, circumstance and character traits in amongst them) but they do fit in perfectly with the overall story Bennetto is telling. We hear about embarrassing social faux pas, wacky hijinks (see Sarah’s social media for coverage of the Rainbow Unicorn Piñata Saga), cute familial rituals and many missed opportunities.

Things take a sharp turn into serious territory with a shocking revelation and the laughs come to a halt. It does seem that this issue is still a bit too raw for Sarah to scrutinise too closely as she hasn’t found a way to successfully find the humour in it. This tends to push this performance firmly into comedy as therapy territory but it’s an important issue that she needs to talk about. Thankfully some comedy relief is in sight with the cute but doomed colourful fella who has been sitting on her table throughout the show.

Bennetto is a charming and delightful performer. Her storytelling skills are top notch (unsurprising as she is creator of the regular Storyteller’s Club night and touring concern) but her observational stand up is just as strong. This is a immensely personal show and she steps up to the challenge of finding humour amongst the disappointments. Click Here

August 9, 2017  The Skinny
Sarah Bennetto is a Catholic – one of her many, many mistakes is being too Catholic – and so it’s not surprising that her show is confessional. The premise is simple, and she sticks to it: in list form, she owns up to her greatest errors, in a particular, but not chronological order. Her breathless, pink-cheeked delivery steers the show more towards shameless gossip than guilty secrets, and it’s almost impossible not to giggle with her.

Her scope is wide-ranging, but generally she flows well from one bit into another. Here the list structure helps and hinders, in turns – she’s sometimes too dependent on her clipboard for the next gag, but at other points it provides a neat segue. An improbable amount of her material seems to spring from the past two weeks, so the show may become slicker as the Fringe goes on.

It’s easier to forgive errors because her presence is so warm and engaging. Her audience interaction is, in her own words, empathetic and inclusive. In this set, the only target she needs is herself. In sharing her litany of mistakes, Bennetto covers huge, emotive topics with the lightest of touch and a lightning fast wit, rattling through stories and quips so quickly that they don't have the opportunity to land too heavily. She’s also in perfect command of the pacing, so when she does want to touch hearts as well as minds, it’s with a quiet, slow section that keeps the audience spellbound. Click Here

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