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AUG 3-14, 16-27 at 16:30 (60 min)
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Sagar Mega Drive is Fiona Sagar's return to Edinburgh following her 2016 award nominated show 'Entitled'. Plug in for hilarity and set your mode to multi-player with this fresh character based show with this "talented impressionist" (****Fringe Biscuit). Straight from The Groundlings, LA, Sagar promises to be low on further gaming puns but high on character perception & side splitting observation.
“**** Entitled. A talented impressionist, completely morphs into an array of hilariously self-indulgent characters.” Fringe Biscuit. "Fiona Sagar had me laughing like a drain. A brilliant comic performer! Fiona catches the current zeitgeist of obsessional and entitled to a tee. " - Logan Murray (Stand up). "Funny, dark and beautiful. Someone destroy her." - Viv Groskop (Journalist & Comedian) "Fiona Sagar is funny whether she''s trying to be or not". - Mike Wozniak (Comedian)"Fiona Sagar is a delight to watch." - Cariad Lloyd (Comedian)'
Some audience feedback on twitter included:
"I urge you to see @fisagar #entitled - the whole room was in stitches throughout!"
"Best free show I saw in the #EdinburghFringe - hilarious characters and impressions."
"@fisagar an absolute amazing show yesterday! Best thing there was at the Fringe would recommend it to anyone! Never laughed so much before X"
"The Brilliant Fiona Sagar. Probably the highlight of the #edfringe"
"Just recovered from Entitled by @FiSagar. Heard a woman walking out got her autograph saying she's going to be big. #DontDisagree"
"Best show I've seen this Fringe is @FiSagar as Princess Pippa, Boris and yer Scottish granny #Edinburgh #Fringe #comedy ENTITLED"

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 26, 2017 The Play's The Thing
Sonic was always my go to when playing Sega, but Fiona Sagar has got a slightly different cast of characters to choose from in her show Sagar Mega Drive.

They come fast and furiously, Sagar throwing on costumes in seconds to squeeze all six of them in within her hour. There doesn’t appear to be any link between them, ranging from an Australian nursery teacher to a chihuahua. Although they all fit within the premise of being from Sega, some sort of connection would have helped shape the piece. There’s a lot of interaction in the show, and Sagar creates a great rapport with her audience throughout. This People are so open to coming on stage with her, and everyone gives it their all rather than having awkward silences.

Sagar’s final character is easily her best. Grandma’s been shipped off to Benidorm for our Lorraine’s third wedding, and she’s none too pleased. It’s hot, she had to travel, and no-one has brought her a drink yet; Sagar captures the sharp tongue and cutting comments all grandchildren have, at some point, been on the receiving end. Rather than playing six characters, if Sagar focused on one or two that are as strong as Grandma it would be much better at demonstrating her talent as a comedian. I easily could have watched Grandma tackle a couple of different situations rather than see a questionable impression of Pippa Middleton, for instance.

However during this final sketch I was completely taken aback by the man who had the audacity to stroke Sagar’s leg while he was sat on her knee. Grandma asked her grandson to come and sit with her, and he decided that meant he could touch her up. Sagar continued like a consummate professional, whereas I feel I would have dealt slightly less well with it.

A fun hour spent, with a lot of potential. Click Here

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