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Harlequin Theatre Company Limited


Venue:The Phoenix, 46-48A Broughton Street Edinburgh EH1 3SA
Phone: 0131 557 6944
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: free festival  
Room: Phoenix Below
AUG 21-27 at 20:45 (60 min)
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Tales from a Tampon

Forget the wheel, telephone or sky plus, this little cotton bud with string is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century.

Blocking more leaks than the Hoover Dam and bringing in more revenue in tax than Donald Trump ever could, don't underestimate it's place in the World.

From hair curlers to cat toys, plugging bullet wounds, to noses this little life saver should have a place in the history books, never mind our knickers!

From sex education to menopause our 'Tampon Avatar' will take you on a satirical journey through life.

Not just for the girls, boys come along and discover a whole new world.

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August 25, 2017  The Mumble
At first glance, a comedian trussed up as a tampon seems like a gimmick, perhaps it is, but its one that really makes perfect sense. The woman behind the mask, Sarah Morgan-Paul, is actually here on a mission to teach us about the history of that ‘little cotton-bud,’ tho in the process manages to pull off some good ol’ fashioned northern humour as she does so. Sarah heralds from Leeds, where a blossoming comedy scene inspired her to quit her corporate job & follow her natural instincts – she is a performer & has the ability to see the comedy in life & also to translate it into laughs for a watching audience.

The theme of her first Fringe show, then, is the tampon & the inner workings of the lady garden, although she does manage to slip in some conventional comedy here & there. In Sarah’s world, men have jingly-jangly bits, Skippy The Kangaroo is still fuckin’ hilarious & the magical properties of the female period are described as a ‘Menstrual Paul Daniels.‘ Yes, its all good, Sarah Morgan-Paul is smart & despite being dressed like a tampon, has got style, trust me! As she bounces & banters beautifully through her material we’re all on her side & loving the ride. Tales From A Tampon is a history lesson that is properly funny & you can’t just help falling for the cute little face that bobbles out from her sensational Tampon costume. Click Here

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